VAT included in all prices.



  • Maderotherapy
    AED 250
    45 min

    A massage technique that involves a series of frequent movements repeated by using different wooden elements. It helps redefine body contours, reduce cellulite and facilitate weight loss. All-natural, non-invasive and free of contraindications.

  • Hawaiian Hot
    AED 315
    75 min

    Hot stone therapy integrates Hawaiian healing with hot stones. It is a holistic treatment balancing both mind and spirit. A deep soothing massage, softening the muscles, encouraging them to relax and releasing tension, allowing the stress to melt away.

  • Reflexology
    AED 75/150
    30/60 min

    Reflex massage on the soles of your feet activates the flow of energy inside your body and brings a deep relaxation.

  • Detox Reflexology
    AED 150
    45 min

    15-minutes detox soak, followed by a reflex massage of your soles and feet. Soothing and refreshing, it will help you de-stress and feel fully rejuvenated.

  • Back & Shoulders
    AED 140/160
    30/45 min

    Massage focuses on eliminating pain in the back, neck and shoulders through a link of classic Thai massage technique. Massage brings overall relaxation.

  • Head, Neck & Shoulders
    AED 55/100
    15/30 min

  • Face Massage
    AED 105
    30 min

  • Full Body Relax Massage
    AED 205
    60 min

    Oriental body massage from toes to the back of neck. Aroma oils with massage techniques help reaching a total relaxation; elimination of tiredness, pain and stress.

  • Coconut Dream Massage
    AED 315
    60 min

    Exceptional relaxing full body massage with 100% pure coconut oil which contains plenty of antioxidants regenerates and improves immunity.

  • Slimming and Anti-Cellulite Massage
    AED 160
    45 min

    Special massage technique focused on breaking down stubborn cellulites while improving skin quality and elasticity.

  • Shiatsu/Deep Tissue Massage
    AED 255
    60 min

    Massage that improves body regeneration after every sport activity, helping you stay in good shape longer.

    Body Treatments

  • Argan-Honey Delight
    AED 210/280
    60/90 min

    Rich with Vitamin C, proven to have a significant moisturizing effect for 24h. It leaves the skin exfoliated, softened, supple and healthy looking, while protecting against dryness.

  • Moroccan Bath – Hammam Maghrabi Classic/Special
    AED 160/280
    60/90 min

    Oriental Steam Experience starting with organic black olives body soap prepares the skin for exfoliation which removes dead skin cells and bacteria and opens your pores to stimulate the lymph and circulatory systems. Ghassoul – mineral clay masque hydrates the skin and leaves it soft and shiny. The benefits of Hammam include pain relief, muscle relaxation, preventing ingrown hair, anti-ageing and respiratory benefits. Special treatment of 90 minutes includes a massage at the end of the Hammam treatment.


Your favourite beauty salon offers a special indulgence: enjoy our treatments in the comfort of your home.

All of our hair, nails, makeup and massage services can be done by our professionals at your place. Our Home Services cost double the in-store fee + transportation expenses. You will be charged the taxi fare from and back to the salon, or you can send a driver to pick up and drop off our technician.

For all further information, please contact our Reception Desk.